Intelectual Property

  1. Availability searches.

  2. Registration Request:
    1. Conventional brands:
      • Nominative.
      • Figurative.
      • Mixed.
    2. Strategic request for non-conventional brands:
      • Auditory
      • Olfactory
      • Three-dimensional
      • Movement marks
      • Holographic
      • Gestural
  3. Oppositions: preparation and presentation of oppositions before the Trademark Office.
  4. Response to oppositions filed against filed registration applications.
  5. Preparation and Presentation of administrative appeals until exhausting the administrative route.
  6. Surveillance services for registration requests.
  7. Alert on the expiration of records.
  8. Renewal of records, both in ordinary and extraordinary period.
  9. Distinctive signs coexistence agreements.
  10. Cancellation action due to lack of use of trademark registration.
  11. Response to cancellation actions.
  12. Nullities of trademark registrations.
  13. Comprehensive management of trademark portfolios.
  14. Modifications, registration in the Intellectual Property registry, transfers, changes of the owner's name, change of address, mergers.
  15. Marketing contracts: Preparation of license contracts for use, sale, franchises, assignments, etc.
  16. Obtaining and recognizing brand awareness.
  17. Licenses of use.

Other Legal Services

Commercial Law

Are The Following Areas:

    • Constitution of commercial companies, until obtaining legal status.
    • Constitution of a sole proprietorship.
    • Drafting of commercial contracts.
    • Mergers, Spin-offs, reorganizations and acquisitions.
    • Constitution of subsidiaries and branches.
    • Corporate reorganizations.
    • Corporate governance.
    • International transactions.
    • Dissolutions and liquidations.